While Hy-Tech does stock over 17,000 items, there is much more to our services than solely distribution. Late founder Dale Hyland established a business that placed customer satisfaction as the primary goal, and, 35 years later, we continue to honor his founding principle.

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Custom Control Systems

Hy-Tech has produced custom control systems for countless applications of varying scope and scale. We have used temperature controllers, PLCs, and dataloggers to repurpose, repair, or modify ovens, machines, and many other electrically-controlled applications.


On-Site Systems Analysis

We are able to come to your location to determine the best solution to your system's needs. Our team will keep you informed throughout every step of the process and work to find innovative and cost-effective methods to accomplish your goals.


Custom Engineering

At Hy-Tech, we design, engineer, and build our systems internally. Using a combination of AutoCAD and electrical engineering expertise coupled with our internal panel shop, we are able to custom build a system for nearly any application. 


Complete Technical Support

Our sales engineers have years of experience with our stock and are able to answer any questions and solve any issues that may arise. We are a vertically integrated company; supplying the design, stocking the parts, programming the controllers, and building the panels, which leads to solutions at every point in the process and further down the road. We foster a solid relationship with our customers built upon trust and reliability.


Field Installation

Once the control panel is designed, assembled, and wired, we are also available to wire to field devices and be present for the first startup. Any problems that arise are easily remedied on the spot by experienced professionals.