Core Areas of Expertise

When it comes to industrial automation, electric heating, or electric power, Hy-Tech has 35+ years of expertise as an industrial application resource.



Automating industrial processes produces such benefits as increased productivity, improved product consistency and quality, and reduced labor costs. When it comes to high temperature ovens used for metallurgic production and refinement, automating adds valuable fail-safes that prevent accidents. 

Automation is based upon the communication of sensors of varying types to a control module. A list of the types of sensors we offer can be found here.

Hy-Tech has the experience to supply the design, parts, and panels needed to achieve automation in your industry, allowing you to reap the benefits of computerized processes. Programming automation processes is also done in-house, and, along with our strong communication, leads to a customized product that does exactly what you want it to do.


Heat & Control

Thermal energy is another staple of Hy-Tech's pool of experience. Controlling the time and temperature at which a material is heated can be achieved safely and accurately with Hy-Tech's vast array of heaters in conjunction with numerous different controller options. Founder Dale Hyland was part of the team behind the bayonet heater, still in use today. Whether it is conduction, convection, or radiation, Hy-Tech is able to find a heater designed for your application and pair it with a controller for full utilization. You can find a list of different types of heaters we carry here.

While heat and control go hand-in-hand, controllers can apply to many other applications and come in many different forms. You can find a list of the different types of controllers we offer here.



The basis of any industrial process is power. Hy-Tech has been using state-of-the-art power control components since its creation in 1979. When supplying power to a system, many variables come into play to make it a safe and efficient application of electricity - variables that systems designers are very aware of through their work experience and education. Hy-Tech supplies the necessary items to channel electric power to your system, and the ability to design and build control panels to distribute power to your application.

You can trust Hy-Tech to create a control panel that functions properly and meets all safety requirements for your application.