Micron Power

ImperviTRAN® Industrial Control Circuit Transformer

Ultra-reliable and designed tough with epoxy encapsulated coils and a 20-year warranty.

ValuTRAN® Industrial Control Circuit Transformer

Designed to have a small footprint and cost-effective design, the ValuTRAN has varnished coil construction.


20 year warranty, epoxy encapsulated coils, SafeTouch terminals, and compliant with global CE marking requirement EN61558-2.

Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers

Single phase encapsulated, three phase encapsulated, single phase ventilated, and three phase ventilated types available. Seismically qualified and built and tested in accordance with applicable NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE standards.

Buck-Boost Transformers

Provides an economical method of correcting a lower or higher voltage to a voltage rating more suitable for efficient operation of electrical equipment. Primary used for motor operation to correct fluctuating line voltage or to obtain a neutral on a delta system.

Power Reactors and Inductors

Custom designs can be supplied within five working days. Large line of stock line and load reactors, DC link chokes, and custom inductors.

Power Supplies

DIN-Rail mountable DC power supplies available in low-profile, standard, and vacuum encapsulated (IP-67) wet environment styles.